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Football for Hope

The FWWC2015™ Legacies for Canada together with Soccer Canada’s Provincial and Territorial members, is proud to collaborate with Motivate Canada and The United Nations in Canada in the delivery of soccer and leadership development programming to our Aboriginal communities in support of the Corporate Social Responsibility Legacy programming of the FWWC2015™ .


Motivate Canada, will

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coordinate soccer programming to youth in Rankin Inlet. The goal, through soccer, is to support youth and to contribute to youth resiliency by supporting and inspiring a generation of healthy, active Northern youth. This program will provide opportunities for Aboriginal youth to participate in soccer while also taking part in activities which will build their leadership skills, raise awareness about mental health and suicide, promote healthy lifestyle choices and empower them to be active contributing members in their communities. The community will develop a local soccer program which will promote the True Sport principles of Good Sport. These programs will take place throughout the school year during which time youth will develop not only their sport skills but also goal-setting and leadership skills that will benefit them in future experiences with coaching, volunteerism, employment and community capacity development.



Sport-in-a-Box is a complementary programm that offers life-skills for a healthy individual and community life in alignment to the technical skills of the game of soccer. UNA-Canada’s expertise is finding points of entry of its project to youth expected learning outcomes, and to help partners develop a well rounded player who is not only skilled in the technical aspects of the game, but a responsible and caring global citizen. UNA-Canada works with community soccer clubs and other partners who directly serve youth through soccer activities and align Sport-in-a-Box curriculum content within partners’ schedules.

The Government of Canada through Sport Canada’s Policy on Aboriginal Peoples’ Participation in Sport, aims to provide Aboriginal peoples with increased access to sport. The vision of the policy is an enhanced Canadian sport system that is inclusive of, and adaptive to, Aboriginal peoples and that will increase access and equity in sport. The policy is an example of the commitment of the Government of Canada to strengthening relationships with Aboriginal Peoples. It recognizes the socio economic issues specific to Aboriginal peoples, as well as identifies the opportunities for social change and for improving the quality of life of Aboriginal peoples through sport.

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